Reflections of Critical Thinking

My personal idea about critical thinking before doing any of the readings: I believe that critical thinking in nursing specifically is knowing the “why” behind what you’re doing. It’s being able to do an assessment and interpret the findings. It’s not just going through the motions of doing any particular intervention but it’s the though process of the affect it’s having. It’s thinking if I do “x”, then “z” will happen, etc.… Thoughts after readings/What is most puzzling to you…

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My name is Alexis! I am 22 years old, born in Phoenix, raised in Utah. Married for 2 and a half years – my husband just got into dental school in Glendale, AZ so we will be moving back to my home state this summer. I am finishing up my nursing degree at UVU and I have created this blog to write reflective journals for multiple of my classes in my BSN program. 

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DISC Personality Test

The results of the test: I was pretty evenly spread out but winning by one point was the “Dominant” section and directly following that was the “Steady” section.  Was this a revelation/ new knowledge about yourself? It was not necessarily new knowledge but I’ve realized in taking this and other personality tests that I view myself differently than what I might portray or carry out. I think that when I think about myself, I think about how I feel I…

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